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About Me

I’m a generative artist writing algorithms that describe natural phenomena. I study patterns and forms from the natural world and write mathematical equations that recreate them. Each equation accepts a multitude of parameters, and by choosing random parameters, my programs create many variations, ranging from highly abstract versions to impressively chaotic manifestations of the original idea.


At the moment, we have more data than we know what to do with, but it's not terribly accessible and requires diligence and experience to make sense of.

The vision for my work is to collaborate with Data Scientists to create art that makes data more approachable and understandable.


With my history of engineering and Technical Direction, I’m part of the engineering crowd, but I also write music and film music videos, woodwork, and am part of the artist crowd. Those two groups rarely come together, because their motivations and values can be in opposition. It’s important to bring those people together because there are engineers writing lines of code that will literally affect billions of people’s experiences.

Without connecting those engineers to anthropologists who look backwards, philosophers who look inwards, and artists who look upwards, the progress we create will be not be aligned with who we are and who we can be.

It’s important to me as a human being in this world to bring people together, and this is why I create art rooted in meaning.

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