I'm Lucas, Senior Software Engineer and Creative Coder.

I've been using technology in my creative pursuits since I was a teenager, drawing album covers in Photoshop for my band and writing tools to generate visuals for our live shows. I found a home writing html/js/css for the browser, knowing I could make tools and sites, games and art that anyone can access. I've been building things on the web ever since.

Recently, I rode the NFT wave and created unique vanilla javascript generative art. I then co-founded an art-adjacent startup that makes generative frames for digital art. I have been enjoying the engineering challenges of building a web application from scratch that leverages React, Blender, React Three Fiber, 3D animation, shaders, and a custom component library. It exports dynamic .usdz files for viewing in AR/VR. Neat.

Generative art is creativity, automated

The very first minted on-chain artwork in my generative series Blóm.


I was a Technical Director at Nike, where I managed the front-end team of a startup in an Incubator program. We shipped a subscription service for kids shoes, and built multiple internal tools for the CS and fulfillment teams, including a data-driven generative art installation that displayed sales data in a mythic forest. We wrote our own component library from scratch. I also played the role of Senior Engineer, and enjoy the challenge of balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the team. I'm proud of the work we accomplished.

Before that, I worked with different design agencies, and delivered installations that ran on 20 foot tall digital displays in Union Square, NY while shipping CMS driven websites like Icon Motosports.

While my day job was full of exciting challenges, I kept pushing my creative skills with different projects including data-driven art installations, C++ generative art projects, and song-writing and music-video making.

Why am I a good fit for Adobe?

I LOVE building tools, and I cannot express what a joy it would be to create tools that help people be more creative. I firmly believe the world is a better place with more art in it, and if I can help people be more expressive, welp, that's a win in my book.

I'll show up with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and positivity to apply the skills I've learned over the years to help Adobe continue to be the leader in creative software. I'm a team player, and I'm excited to work with a group of like-minded folx who are passionate about the intersection of creativity and technology.

Why is Adobe a good fit for me?

To be honest, I've been a fan of Adobe since I was a kid. I remember the first time I used Photoshop. I saved up for a wacom tablet and drew for hours and hours. Seeing the products evolve over the years and expand into new areas (why hello there Lightroom) has been inspiring. I want to be a part of that. I want to help shape the future of creative software and push the boundaries of what is possible. I want to be a part of Adobe.


2024 My team and I are building an AI-powered nostalgia-induced VRM (a standard for 3D characters that can be used across games and experiences) collection, based on a sci-fi universe created by an artist. We are delivering thousands of generated 3D models, where each one has a unique personality and experience that users can interact with. Currently in stealth mode.
2022 Co-founded Frahm, generative frames for your digital art
2021 Sold some NFTs (remember those?) over multiple generative art collections
2018-2021 Nike, Technical Director
2018 Community Gardens, a data-driven generative art installation at NCSU. Was awarded an artist residency
2015-2018 Parliament, Technical Director. Worked with brands like Capital One, Icon Motorsports, Prometheus, and more, while building internal tools for the agency.
2017 Lightblades, a 3-story tall generative art public art installation at the Geode, Portland OR
Previous Various agencies; Software Engineer, Flash developer, delivering work for Nike, LucasArts, Lego, and more.


  • Strong engineering skills and over 10 years creating front-end experiences
  • Delivers high-performance, reliable, well-documented, and maintainable code.
  • High tolerance for ambiguity
  • Super-lover of teamwork; also very capable of participating in all aspects of development lifecycle, from concepting through development to maintenance
  • A long history of successfully saying Let's try it! to new challenges
  • Effective communicator
  • Patient debugger
  • Creative problem solver
  • Nimble minded when moving along gradient from high level strategy to local details
  • Measured optimist
  • Bringer of good vibes to any opportunity


During my career, I've often picked up new skills for specific projects. I taught myself enough C++ to generate thousands of high-resolution artworks that a browser couldn't handle, extended CraftCMS with custom plugins to deliver a job-application management system to handle the ridiculous amounts of emails that a job posting would create, maintained projects at Nike that were built by vendors, and am currently learning Python so I can script inside Blender and make my life easier. I'm eager to learn and a fast study.

  • Advanced proficiency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • 10+ years collaborating with clients directly while at creative agencies
  • 8+ years of being a Technical Director, responsible for defining project methodologies (agile, scrum) and dev ops
  • Multiple large-scale installations created with THREE.js or processing
  • Shipped my first React app in 2015 and never looked back. React was still in beta and the webapp (which uses threejs as well) is actually still live
  • 3 years in the Web3 space, mostly shipping generative Web3D experiences
  • Very eager to learn new programs


  • Kindness first. Assume the best in people by default.
  • Inclusive, non-judgemental environments
  • Building community and relationships
  • A clean code base
  • Nimble, forward-thinking peers


  • Woodworker currently building bespoke furniture which Milly Cypress, my CNC machine that carves generative patterns into wood.
  • Musician creating an audio-reactive experience
  • Canadian with US Green Card
  • Vegan, sober, but still fun (I think)

Some samples of my generative art

These are generated in-browser with Javascript and THREE.js.

What's next?

I'd love to learn more about the Founding Engineer, Emerging Product Incubation role at Adobe. Honestly, you are doing cool work, and at the very least we should grab a coffee.

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