Immersive Scholar Residency

I was recently awarded a 6-week residency with North Carolina Statue University, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation .


NCSU recently built the library of the future. It includes a book-fetching robot, community spaces for learning, and all kinds of amazing technologies for students to play with.

Included in the spaces are giant Microtile (DLP + LED) walls that I'll be making content for.


I will develop 3-5 generative art concepts inspired by nature and related to the story of deep importance to the local NCSU/Raleigh community - food and housing (in)security for students.

Each concept will use data as inputs, in consultation with NCSU's Dr. Mary Haskett, that affect the visualization, generating an endless series of slowly evolving visuals.


The visuals will be inspired by botanical artists to create a generative garden. It will be created in 3D and the audience will be taken on a meandering path. Depending on the inputs fed to the installation, the garden will either be more or less healthy.

Users will be able to connect to the installation on their mobile devices to interact with the installation.


The installation is now up and running! Read the Community Gardens Case Study for more information, or view a mini-version of the installation in your browser: Community Gardens.

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