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Since 2021, I've been releasing generative art as NFTs, including both curated releases and long-form on-chain vanilla javascript.

Solastalgia is the cousin to nostalgia. Whereas nostalgia is a yearning for something once experienced, solastalgia is more nuanced; the feeling of being in a place while simultaneously holding the understanding that the enjoyment may never be felt again, as that place is in an evolving state of entropy due to climate disaster.

AGSMU is a piece created for day 3 of genuary, prompt "Glitch". 10,000 shapes move in wave-like motion, intersecting and leaving trails, to produce a relaxing but dynamic motion piece.

Over 1000 Blóms were minted with

I airdropped Easter Eggs to Blóm holders.

My first NFT collection ever!

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