EasyKicks Role Profile

Front-End Engineering Director


The Front-End Engineering Director is responsible for:

  1. Leadership: Sets vision, motivates, and guides the team towards goals
  2. Product Integrity: Ensure the digital product exceeds experience expectations
  3. Foster Talent: Nurture the team's skills
  4. Solve Problems: Efficiently navigate any ambiguity

Essential Function of the Front-End Engineering Director

The Front-End Engineering Director will:

  1. Use compassion and empathy to create a welcoming culture
  2. Energize the team with an unending supply of support and enthusiasm
  3. Listen closely to diffuse friction or resolve concerns
  4. Be an unwavering example of tolerance and understanding
  5. Define expectations of how great a platform can be
  6. Push the experience by asking 'what if' and implementing solutions
  7. Create an enjoyable process that ensures best possible output
  8. Communicate clearly to reduce friction between varying levels of technical understanding
  9. Create cross-company collaboration and sharing within Valiant Labs
  10. Manage technical debt


  • Strong architecture and programming skills
  • Good understanding of server-side technologies
  • Strong tolerance for ambiguity
  • Strong leadership identity
  • Effective communicator
  • Creative problem solver
  • Maintain nimble nature during shifting priorities
  • Strong ability to move along gradient from high level strategy to local details
  • Excels at thinking holistically while implementing solutions locally
  • Measured optimist


  • Inclusive environments
  • Safe spaces
  • Community and relationships
  • A clean code base pruned like an english garden

Supervisory Responsibilities

I manage engineers who develop the EasyKicks digital experience while actively contributing to the code base.

The Front-End Engineering Director is also responsible for: training a diverse set of employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; managing the code base.

Required Experience

  1. 10+ recent years of practical engineering experience for the web and mobile
  2. 5+ years in various management leadership roles

Candidate: Lucas Swick


  1. 15+ years engineering digital experiences
  2. 10+ years empowering teams
  3. Expert at modern JS technologies including react and threejs
  4. Engineered Generative Art installations running in New York, Portland, and Raleigh
  5. Awarded a Generative Artist Residency with North Carolina State University in 2018.

Employment and Roles

  1. Alberta Department of Eduction - Engineer
  2. Montage Studios - Engineer
  3. Summit Projects - Flash Team Lead
  4. Owen Jones and Partners - Technical Director
  5. Parliament, Inc - Technical Director
  6. EasyKicks - Front-end Engineering Director
  7. lucastswick - Generative Artist


  1. Canadian with US Green Card
  2. Installation Artist applying generative art to large immersive experiences
  3. Woodworker currently renovating a 1947 English farmhouse
  4. Photographer with 500k+ views
  5. Musician

Development opportunities

  • Conference budget for more exposure to upcoming solutions
  • Create a Valiant labs maker space to explore physical and digital interactions
  • Capitalize on opportunity for cross-company collaboration at Valiant Labs
  • Pursuing speaking events in 2019 to discuss the importance of art and the humanities in software engineering teams.

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