Intergalactic is a generative-art/photographic/costume-maker collaboration between my amazing wife Wendi Anderson and myself.

I projected some of my generative art onto Wendi. Her costume's intricate details were aligned and made more complex by the generative art. I then shot her through a glass prism, which created another layer of complexity.

It's all in-camera

These are all shot in-camera. No post-processing was performed, except for some minor color correction. The 'effects' are the result of shooting through the glass prism, which refracts light and creates chimerical layers.

I'm very pleased with the outcome. It's often difficult to marry such different artforms, but the final output is made richer by the elegance of Wendi's costume composed with the dream-like distortion of the glass prism.


I can't wait to explore this concept further. If you're a costume-maker, live-performer or musician, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter and maybe we can collaborate!

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